Films / TV / Commercials / Digital Series

The Girl in the Pink Motel (short)
Family Business (feature - VFX Producer)
The Eve (feature)
Yikes (short)
Line to The Wall (short)
Trapped Girl (short)
NYC iSchool:  A Model for 21st Century Learning (short documentary)
Mindjack Book Trilogy Trailer
Oh Mitt! (web video)
Buddy Cops (web series - post-supervisor)
Snap Health: Sweat Rash (commercial)
Snap Health: There's a Better Way (commercial)
Girl Clown (short)
Minds and Motion (instructional video)
The Night Rider (short)
Kerri Miller Reel (production manager)
Odessa (web series pilot)
My Future Girlfriend (web series - 5 Episodes)
Diary of a Wedding Planner (web series - 2 Episodes)
Life-ers (web series pilot)
I Live With My Parents (web series - 2 Episodes)
Keith Powell Project (feature excerpt - production manager)
We Need Girlfriends (web series - 11 Episodes)
I Want to Be A Jedi (short)
Merry Christmas...I Gave You Herpes (short)
OnPoint Training (informercial)
My Imaginary Friend, Lars Stevens (short)
Double Dip:  Or How Four Discs of Pearl Harbor Ruined My Life (short)
Without A Clue (short)
Teenage Superhero Pregnancy Scare (short)
The Noise (short)
Ellipsis (short - upm)
Bessy (short - 1st AD)
It's Fun To Help Poor People, Franny Canada (short)
L.V.J. (feature film - 1st AD, NY unit)
Cheesecake (short)
Be My Valentine, Franny Canada (short - 1st AD)
Beer Run (short)
Action Junkie (short)


*Producer except where noted.