Tweet tweet?

Two posts in one month?!  Crazy.

I've added links to some of the films I've produced.  Check out Trapped Girl, Yikes, and Girl Clown on the Work page.

And I've reactivated my Twitter account.  I originally joined in 2010 to enter a Friday Night Lights dvd contest.  I lost.  Since then, I've accumulated only 5 tweets.  Time to step it up...and enter more dvd contests.

Pink motel...

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped production on the latest short...The Girl in the Pink Motel...written and directed by Hofstra alum, Mike Notarile, starring Louis Lombardi (Entourage, Sopranos), Allie Gonino (The Lying Game, The Red Road), and Mike Starr (Dumb and Dumber, Goodfellas...also a Hofstra Alum!).  Great crew and great shoot.  Here are a couple of BTS pics I snapped...



Enter 2016...

Things are a rumbling.

First, the ol' Ragtag gang is getting back together to produce a multi-cam comedy pilot written by Steven Tsapelas.  It's called FORMER '80s CHILD STAR and is about, uh, former '80s child stars. 

Second, I've connected with Mike Notarile, a fellow Hofstra Alum, to produce his short film, THE GIRL IN ROOM 606.  It's a dark edgy cop/crime drama in the vein of dark edgy cop/crime dramas.  More to come.

And third, I'm finishing up overseeing VFX work for an indie feature with VFX artists extraordinaire PJ Germain and Jeff Billings.


I suck at updates.  Quick rundown:

- YIKES has been tearing it up on the festival circuit

- Moved to Los Angeles two months ago

- Looking for producing opportunities...HIRE ME!

- THE EVE is on VOD, watch it!  Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play